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Topaz Linotype-Hell Heidelberg High-End Scanner
datasheet Topaz
According to LinoColor and Newscan, SilverFast for high-end scanners is the only scanning solution for Topaz that is continually refined while offering up to date high-end, workflow and productivity features.


Configuration and Modules (Options)

  • SilverFast Ai Scansoftware with fully automatic IT.8 One-Button ICC Calibration
  • HDR Studio Software for the Rawdata-Workflow
  • High-Class original LSI IT.8 Targets transparent and topview
  • SilverFast DC Functionality (Camera RAW)
  • VLT Module (digital Lightbox to aid organisation)
  • SilverFast – the official book by Taz Tally (Ph. D.)
  • FireWire- to- SCSI Card
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Faster and more efficient production

Save up to 60% time by using your Topaz with more high performance current or future hardware

Raw data workflow: Create “digital originals”, sophisticated export functions included

scanning and processing are separated in the (optional) Raw data workflow, and can be done in parallel

Extremely fast data processing for filing using lossless, high compression JPEG2000 Format

Batch processing via job manager

Easily duplicated framework settings

High data transfer rates with the optionally available FireWire-adapter

Predictable sharpness with noise-reduced preview

Fully scalable preview and flexible zoom

Printing with layout function (PrinTao Module)

and many more ...

48 Bit Highend-Quality without Compromise

  • Full use of the scanner’s dynamic perimeter, WITHOUT reduction of data to 24 Bit
  • Lossless negative conversion via HDR

Professional colour and contrast control

  • selective 12 colour correction
  • integrated, barcode controlled one-button calibration via manually verified IT.8 Targets
    (transparency & reflection)
  • NegaFix® technology: 120 presets for scanning of negatives are pre-defined (construction of own profiles possible
  • patented multi-exposure function for optimal noise reduction and dynamic range extension
  • ACR (adaptive colour-restoration of faded originals)
  • multiplex densitometer
  • Plug & Play CMYK-conversion (soft-proof function)
  • intuitive, selective colour correction with masks and layers
  • and much more ...

Highest possible reliability of the production process

  • reliable and technologically mature solution
  • future-proof, market-leading software
  • Brakensiek worldwide repair service for Topaz scanners
  • Original new and used spare parts on stock
  • World’s largest stock of Heidelberg scanners
  • Award-winning solution used by top publishers (e.g. Spiegel Verlag, Verband Druck und Medien Nord, Druck & Medien AG and many more…..)

Chromagraph Kalibrierung

Scan Zone of Topaz II (TIFF)