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Association Print and Media North
“Thanks to the new scanning software and the topaz, we are state of the art and can introduce our course participants to professional methods of reproduction.”

Stephan Franke,
Association Print and Media North e.V.

Print & Media AG
“SilverFast Ai Studio with HDR Studio is the perfect solution to use our Topaz I-scanners with Mac OS X. To aid this cause we retrained all our users from Lino-Color to SilverFast. SilverFast offers, especially compared to our old Scansoftware Lino-Color, many advantages like making light – and depth visible with a crosshair or copying frame options. ”

Thomas Loher,
Prepress Manager, rva Print and Media AG, CH-Altstätten

Company Group Appl
“We happened to read about the possibility to use the Topaz IV scanner with Mac OS X by using SilverFast, in a user-forum. Fortunately, the use of SilverFast still allows you to always get the best possible digital results from foto- or film samples. The support of Mac OS-X Leopard offers the wanted production security.”

Sonja Riedl,
Prepress, Company Group APPL – Sellier Print GmbH, Freising.

Digital Imaging
"... what makes SilverFast Ai better than the average bear for scanning tasks, particularly for print and e-media production, is the truly well thought-out interface and the wealth of production-oriented features."

"All in all, this (SilverFast) is a superior scanning environment with production-oriented options ... and professional results for both new comers and scan pros. I highly recommend it"

Amos Hobby Publishing
"We recently purchased the SilverFast Ai Studio and HDR Studio Package for both of our Topaz scanners. With this new workflow, our prepress production is much more efficient. With over 1400 scans and more digital camera files coming in each month, SilverFast's PrinTao feature is a tremendous time saver. No more loading individual files into Quark for proofing. With SilverFast we can already see a substantial return on our investment."

Bill Wise,
Prepress Manager, Amos Press, Sidney, Ohio

Paper tiger
"We purchased the SilverFast scanning software package for our Heidelberg Topaz scanner so we would always have an upgrade path to newer software and hardware. With LinoColor it was pretty much a dead end on system 9. The Auto De-Screening feature in SilverFast is amazingly good and we are very happy with the quality of the scans. With regards to color control - what I see in SilverFast is very, very close to what comes off the digital press."

Philip Baca,
Prepress Manager, Paper Tiger, Sante Fe, New Mexico

“From now on, we will operate our High-End Nexscan scanner with the SilverFast Ai Studio and HDR professional scanning software from LaserSoft Imaging AG, Kiel. Technical advice, installation and training services provided to us by LSI’s distribution partner, Systemhaus Brakensiek, Dortmund, has been a great success. Premium Support is also guaranteed by Brakensiek Systemhaus.

Top German current affairs weekly magazine, der SPIEGEL, found this investment an attractive proposition, in particular because it enables an efficient workflow, by allowing originals to be scanned with a maximum dynamic range and then to be saved and archived as “digital originals”. Saving data with a depth of 48-bit depth allows maximum quality and productivity in the workflow.

Furthermore, we trust the mature technical color management know-how of LaserSoft Imaging, including integrated IT8 calibration and extended selective color correction for up to 12 colors.

SilverFast has finally allowed us to use the latest Macs with Intel processors”.

Reinhard Wilms,
editorial technic at SPIEGEL


Paul Sherr
I was a professional photographer when I was in my twenties and thirties. I went on to other things; but, now that I'm retired I am restarting a photography business specializing in location portraiture and journalism.

I'm also so doing some CD covers for local musicians. I'm learning to replace tanks trays and enlargers with my Dell XPS dual-processor PC,
a Microtek Scanner, an HP printer and Photoshop. I am still using film Nikons (F-3's and N-90's), Mamiya 645's and C-330's.

I tried to work with several different programs and jpeg's at first. I depended on commercial scans from labs. I could see that this was going to pay for a scanner pretty quickly. I could get some good color correction but was very limited as to enlargability and flexibility.

I had no idea what a huge difference doing my own scans with Silverfast would make. After buying the Microtek scanner and learning Silverfast it's a whole different world! I have all the flexibility I could imagine.

Now, I'm able to crop severely and make 16x20's from Velvia and ASA 400 and 800 negative films and Ilford XPS. I've got unlimited control over my negatives and slides.

I can't imagine that there is anything that's correctable that I can't fix now. Also, my creative control is terrific. I've also learned to do some incredible exposure compensation.

I'm just learning my way around Silverfast, but it's features are inexhaustible. It's just an amazing program. Once you get comfortable with it, everything goes quickly (could you get Taz Tally's book back in print, by the way. It's selling for $125 to $150 per copy now! That's a testimonial to Silverfast in itself). Also, your written documentation and movie tutorials are excellent.

I can recommend Silverfast unreservedly. When you buy a product like this you look for three things: power, reliability and usability.

How does Silverfast measure up? Power: Silverfast offers everything I need and more - I'll be years learning all of its features, and you keep adding features.

Reliability: no problems whatever.

Usability: fine user interface, terrific tutorials and good documentation. I can't imagine using a scanner without it. Thanks for a fine project.

Ricardo Barros (i900)
I have been a SilverFast user since 2001. I got the software then because it was recognized as the best available, and over the years it has only gotten better.

In 2004 my book "Facing Sculpture: A Portfolio of Portraits, Sculpture and Related Ideas"? was published by Image Spring Press.

SilverFast software (then on my Polaroid SprintScan 120) was instrumental in producing all of my negative scans - those destined for reproduction as well those leading to my exhibition prints.

Digital prints from that body of work made possible by SilverFast were acquired for six museum collections, including the Philadelphia Museum of Art and Harvard University's Fogg Art Museum.

When the time came to scan my 4x5 and 8x10 negatives using the MicroTek ScanMaker i900, I didn't think twice. I went straight to SilverFast software. Those prints, too, have been exceptionally well received by galleries and collectors.

I scan all of my negatives in the 16-bits/channel mode. The information that SilverFast pulls out of a good, long tonal scale negative surpasses the excellent quality I was previously getting in my wet darkroom.

Other, essential elements of my system include Photoshop CS2, Jon Cone's PiezoTone carbon pigment inks, and Innova Smooth Cotton rag paper. In my studio, I have dedicated a Mac G4, running OSX, to my scanners.

Robert D. Vernon (i900)
I use a Microtek ScanMaker i900 along with Microsoft Windows 2000 Home Edition. Most images are scanned into Photoshop.

I find that SilverFast is essential in helping me to capture the most digital information possible in a scan. I scan reflected material, colored transparencies and color negatives of various sizes.

I do not do a lot of fancy things but I need something that is consistent, predictable and reliable. With SilverFast I obtain those objectives, which speeds my scanning operation and the time I need to color adjust scanned images.

SilverFast captures the information that I need so that I can spend more time on what is important and less time getting to that point.

StigBO (i900)
I can certainly testify to the fact that without silverfast, our almost daily scanning with the Microtek i900, would be very cumbersome.

It is our sincere opinion that silverfast's scanning software by far-outperforms-Microtek's own Scanwizard, that does not even pass the installation and calibration phase.

I am basing this opinion on about three years use of Our Microtek i900 and running Silverfast on Mac PPC OsX. The scans are a mix of Medium format slides as well as normal 24x36 slides and B&W film.

Compared to other software we have previously used, Silverfast mostly does it's job very well right of the bat and very seldom needs any tweaking.

In short, without Silverfast, life would be very complicated!

David Snay (i900)
I own a Microtek i900 scanner and use Silverfast on Windows XP to scan all my color negatives.

I find the densitometer and the film selections indispensible tools for acquiring accurate and vibrant scans. Not only does this software produce high quality scans more easily, but it is also significantly faster than any other software I have used in the past.

I have a wide range of subject matter including astrophotography, nature and still life. I've included one of my more recent scans. It is untouched except for a bit of dust removal. Sorry about the size.

Chip Simone (i900)
I am happy to provide a testimonial for the Silverfast software that I use with my Microtek i900 (with XP).

I use the i900 with Silverfast primarily for its ability to scan the 8x10" negatives that I made years ago.

While I am now working in digital process I have a trove of large format images that I am rediscovering thanks to Silverfast's ability to get incredible detail and dynamic range from the big negatives.

Silverfast and the i900 have given new life to the pictures and enabled me to bring work that I made using a 19th century process into the digital age.

Ed Kentner (i900)
... the software is amazingly useful, and the feature which I like the best is the tutorials . . . without them, I think I would be lost.

William McCauley (i900
The Lasersoft Silverfast difference is clear! My Microtek i900 and Win XP Laptop plus Silverfast software create a no compromise "High End" portable scanning system I take to my relatives homes.

They're not afraid to take out those precious old photo's since I only scan them not take them. Over 2 years of fast and flexible scanning of difficult old and small pictures, capturing them forever as masterpieces of family history has convinced me beyond a doubt the tremendous value of this combination of technology.

The results of this easy to use and intuitive Silverfast software is measured in the glow of their faces seeing a photo for the first time, seen many times before and better looking than the original! I loaned my system to a friend and had to beg to get it back.

Now he owns one too!

Felix Gatt (9800XL)
I have only used SilverFast as my only tool for scanning. it has always worked great with my Microtek 9800XL. It saves me a lot of work once I import into Photoshop.

I have never thought of changing to anything else. Just updated to 6.5 and it really does a terrific job with CS3.