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Nexscan Linotype-Hell Heidelberg High-End Scanner
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According to LinoColor and Newscan, SilverFast for high-end scanners is the only scanning solution for Nexscan that is continually refined while offering up to date high-end, workflow and productivity features.


Configuration and Modules (Options)

  • SilverFast Ai scansoftware with fully automatic IT.8 One-Button ICC calibration
  • HDR Studio software for the Raw-data workflow
  • High-Class original LSI IT.8 Targets transparent and topview
  • SilverFast DC functionality (camera RAW)
  • VLT module (digital lightbox to aid organisation)
  • SilverFast – the official book by Taz Tally (Ph. D.)
  • FireWire- to- SCSI card
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Faster and more efficient production

  • Save up to 60% time by using your Nexscan with more high performance current or future hardware
  • Raw data workflow: Create “digital originals”, sophisticated export functions included
  • scanning and processing are separated in the (optional) Raw data workflow, and can be done in parallel
  • Extremely fast data processing for filing using lossless, high compression JPEG2000 Format
  • Batch processing via job manager
  • Easily duplicated framework settings
  • High data transfer rates with the optionally available FireWire-adapter
  • Predictable sharpness with noise-reduced preview
  • Fully scalable preview and flexible zoom
  • Printing with layout function (PrinTao Module)
  • and many more ...

48 Bit Highend-Quality without Compromise

  • Full use of the scanner’s dynamic perimeter, WITHOUT reduction of data to 24 Bit
  • Lossless negative conversion via HDR

Professional colour and contrast control

  • selective 12 colour correction
  • integrated, barcode controlled one-button calibration via manually verified IT.8 Targets
    (transparency & reflection)
  • NegaFix® technology: 120 presets for scanning of negatives are pre-defined (construction of own profiles possible
  • patented multi-exposure function for optimal noise reduction and dynamic range extension
  • ACR (adaptive colour-restoration of faded originals)
  • multiplex densitometer
  • Plug & Play CMYK-conversion (soft-proof function)
  • intuitive, selective colour correction with masks and layers
  • and much more ...

Highest possible reliability of the production process

  • reliable and technologically mature solution
  • future-proof, market-leading software
  • Brakensiek worldwide repair service for Nexscan scanners
  • Original new and used spare parts on stock
  • World’s largest stock of Heidelberg scanners
  • Award-winning solution used by top publishers (e.g. Spiegel Verlag, Verband Druck und Medien Nord, Druck & Medien AG and many more…..)
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