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Exclusive distributor SilverFast for high-end scanners
Worldwide largest stock of Heidelberg scanners
Huge stock of used and brand-new spare parts
Repair, leasing, sale, setup & optimization services


High-End-Scanner Lager

High-End-Scanner Lager

High-End-Scanner Lager

Brakensiek Systemhaus was founded by Tim Brakensiek in 1990. It is known as a pioneer in the field of digital prepress and digitalisation.

As a specialist for Heidelberg /Linotype-Hell high-end scanners, we offered LaserSoft (developer of SilverFast) to implement an interface for these machines. In a close collaboration with LaserSoft, we supported the development of hardware, software and supportive services. For example, all utilized Heidelberg High-End Scanner originated from our stock.

We are happy and proud that, after a very long and intense testing and developing period, the most used Heidelberg / Linotype-Hell high-end scanners are fully supported by SilverFast.

Since 2006, we are the EU-exclusive distributor for SilverFast for Linotype-Hell / Heidelberg high-end scanners and on top of that, we offer a broad support for these devices including repair-, spare-part-, and lending service.

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